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Covid-19 Training

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, A Mac Training Solutions offers high-quality Covid-19 training courses to suit companies in all industries. Inspired by our decades of experience in healthcare and delivering healthcare courses, A Mac Training Solutions’s Covid-19 training courses aid companies in understanding the risks involved with Covid-19 and help equip you with the knowledge, understanding, and processes necessary to safeguard your employees, customers and visitors from this virus.


Our comprehensive Covid-19 training courses encompass all aspects of education, hygiene, safety, and infection control to ensure that you feel safe, comfortable, and equipped to run your business safely during the pandemic. As well as offering this course to companies who operate from basic offices and retail spaces, we can tailor the course for more specialised industries including food, healthcare, and hospitality.

Our Covid-19 Training is suitable for companies in all industries to safeguard your staff, customers & visitors from Covid-19

Comprehensive & Professional Covid-19 Training

Course Aim

To support employees implement the necessary controls to prevent the spread of Covid -19

Course Duration

1.5 Hours

Course Description

This course is suitable for employees in the majority of work places. Employers have a duty to provide induction training to all their employees and advise them of the necessary controls identified in risk assessments to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

This training course is designed to support employees returning to work following the Covid-19 pandemic business closure This training takes into account the latest legislation and advice available to implement best practice from WHO, NEPHET, HSE, NSAI, FSAI, HPSC,and CIF.

This training outlines what an employee should do if they develop symptoms of COVID-19; it informs how the workplace should be organised to address the risk from COVID-19. It also provides an outline of the COVID-19 response plan; identification of points of contact from the employer and the workers; and any other sector specific advice that is relevant.

The training is based on the Return to Work Safely Protocol, Business Response Plan and HSE guidelines and what employees must do as detailed in the Return to Work Safely Protocol.

This course is aimed at employees who require information and practical advice on controls to comply with COVID-19 infection prevention measures and will adhere to the training requirements for employers set out in the Return to Work Safely Protocol – COVID-19 Specific National Protocol For Employers and Workers.

Who Should Attend?

  • All persons currently employed are obliged to participate in COVID-19 workplace induction training provided by the employer in advance or on their return to work, to be advised on the changes in the workplace and rollout of new measures identified in the “Return to Work Safely Protocol” document and implemented in the workplace.
  • The aim of this training is to ensure that all employees will have the necessary information and practical guidance to assist them in working safely in particular ensuring the hazards posed by COVID-19 are minimised to an acceptable level.
  • Employees will have a greater understanding of COVID-19, its symptoms, further explore how the virus is spread and how to prevent its spread in the workplace.

Course Objectives & Content

On completion of this course employees will have the ability to understand :

  • What is COVID-19

  • Ways COVID-19 is Spread

  • Covid-19 Signs and Symptoms

  • Protocol for Employers & Employees

  • COVID-19 Workplace / Lead Worker Representative

  • Vulnerable Groups and High Risk Groups

  • COVID-19 /Workplace Safety Measures

  • Infection control, Hand Hygiene, Respiratory Hygiene & Social Distancing

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Work Equipment

  • First Aid

  • Managing close working and Social Distancing Measures

  • Workplace Signage (Desks/Walkways)

  • Communal and Welfare Areas (Canteen, Toilets, etc.)

  • Travel to and from Work

  • Dealing with Covid-19 Suspected & Confirmed Cases

  • Cleaning & Waste Management

  • Monitor and Measure Compliance

Course Assessment

A short theory test.

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Covid-19 Lead Worker Representative Course

The aim of this course is to identify and address potential risks of Covid-19 in the workplace.
On completion the lead worker will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of the background and symptoms of the Covid-19 virus
  • Understand Public health measures and government Return to work policies and procedures
  • Understand the role of the employer in ensuring the safe return to work of employees
  • Have an increased awareness of the latest government policies and procedures aimed at reducing the spread of Covid-19
  • Continue to implement workplace controls around social distancing
  • Understand how cleaning and disinfecting prevents the spread of Covid 19
  • Understand how suspected cases of Covid-19 can be managed in the work place
  • Understand how risk assessment is used to identify appropriate infection control measures
  • Identify necessary workplace infection controls on environment, employees, hygiene practices, use of PPE and decontamination
  • Consider how performance monitoring may be used to evaluate the effectiveness of Covid-19infection control measures
  • Identify appropriate steps to be implemented to identify and manage suspected cases of Covid-19

Covid-19 Training FAQ

  • Where can I get Covid-19 Training for my business?

    A Mac Training Solutions provides comprehensive Kildare Covid-19 Training for business owners and employees in all types of business and industry.

  • What is Covid-19 Training?

    Covid-19 Training is a training course designed to help your business operate safely, compliantly, and hygienically in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Is it mandatory to do a Covid-19 training course as a business owner?

    As a business owner, it is not mandatory to enrol in a Covid-19 course, however it is recommended. By completing a Covid-19 course, you can ensure that your company, workforce, and customers are kept safe and informed in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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